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Historic & Classic Cars, est. Luxembourg 2001

Delage 1500GP

For Sale - the Great Classic Cars

Classics of Elegance, Style and Comfort

We have around forty remarkable historic and classic cars for sale. Predominately these are from the great French Marques of the first half of the Twentieth Century but there are exceptional Italian and British cars too from the same period.


Many of the cars were in a poor state when acquired but have been, or will be, skilfully restored to their former glory by leading international craftsmen and mechanics. It is not unusual for a restoration to take several years and for there to be a lengthy period of assessment before the work is begun.

We have also acquired cars in a restored state directly or indirectly from leading collectors. A number of our cars are in a good original condition.

Classics of Speed

Omnium Cars has a stock of outstanding historically important Formula One racing cars from the Sixties, Seventies and early Eighties.


Omnium’s race cars are acquired because of their notable racing histories but they were designed around technology that was at the bleeding edge in its day and were required to perform for only one or two seasons. So Omnium competes its classic race cars in historic racing series to assess them with a view to:

  • Proving and enhancing the cars’ continued ability to compete in such events in the hands of a new owner.
  • Raising the cars’ profiles for eventual sale.